Before You Arrive


  1. Pack two sweaters for Normandy.
  2. A French hair dryer is available in every room. Curling Irons are available.
  3. A computer is available for use with internet at Le Pavillon.
  4. French Power is 220 volts. We have adapters, but limit bringing electrical devices, as they will not work. Electric Razors are okay.
  5. Be prepared for rain or cool weather year around, bring appropriate outerwear. Umbrella’s are available at Le Pavillon.
  6. Put a copy of your passport as well as your French address and home address inside your checked luggage.
  7. Don’t get travelers checks or exchange currency at home. Instead use the ATM. Be sure to get Euro’s at Charles De Gaule Airport.
  8. CD/radio in every bedroom.
  9. Europeans walk and use mass transit so stretch, or walk to prepare for your visit. Be sure to pack comfortable walking shoes.


You are encouraged to bring comfortable shoes, as well as shoes that can withstand a visit to an apple orchard (damp grass) or city market (uneven walking surfaces).

April and May temperatures are mild to warm, and vary between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Your best plan is to wear layered clothing so that you can accommodate warm, sunny afternoons and cool mornings and evenings. A water-proof sweater or jacket is highly recommended—showers are not unusual. September is typically warm and bright. The weather is generally more predictable, with temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s mid-day, and a bit cooler in the morning and evening.

October temperatures in northern France can vary from very cool mornings (50-55F) to warm afternoons (70-75F). Skies are generally clear and sunny, the air invigorating. Layered clothing is recommended.


Post September 11, security has gotten tighter worldwide. You are required to be “checked in” with your airline three hours before the flight is schedualed to depart. If returning a rental car allow an exztra 30 minutes for return. The car rental return is one level down and is marked with blue signs saying car rental.


You can take canned food such as candy or pate home but no fresh meats, vegtables nor plants.

You are allowed 4 bottles of wine to come back to the USA duty free.